Things To Mull Over Before Entering The Hardscaping Business

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Like all decisions, the choice to enter any business necessitates careful planning and thoughtful examination of the different aspects and outcomes of a possible venture. The future proprietor will benefit from basic prescriptions for immediate and long-term preparations. The hardscaping business has attracted a lot of attention and might eventually facilitate the creation of a lucrative financial source for anyone who is willing to learn the ropes.

Since hardscaping is relatively new compared to other allied industries, doing one’s research is almost a no-brainer. One must also seek the help of those who have already been doing it to gain insider’s insight into the field. One can join professional organizations and attend training and the like to gain more knowledge.

Most probably, in the beginning, one would be forced to outsource some of the work components that might be too much for a new company. These eventualities should find their way into initial planning stages to give one a clear idea of what type of contracts the company can enter or what work or services it can perform effectively and offer to clients.

The need to foster a congenial but professional connection with other actors in the supply chain and distribution channels becomes an important part of the work because new hardscaping companies usually have a hard time finding partnerships that work. Newbies should have these contingencies covered.

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Lastly, as with any business, the branding has to be clear to the owner. He must know what will set it apart from the rest of the lot. Hardscaping is a booming industry, and competitors are everywhere. There must be a very distinct flavor to your designs, your handling of every technical detail, and the materials you will use.

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Sprucing Up The Backyard With Hardscape Installations

Hardscaping our outdoor spaces extends and expands our living area, adding to a better quality of life for our family while increasing the lot’s value and giving it a distinct style.


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Hardscaping is the use of non-living materials such as wood, stone, and concrete in outdoor space design. Examples of hardscapes are paved walkways, stone paths, and retaining walls. Larger water-based installations like fountains, ledgefalls, pools, and other complex waterfall systems would not be possible without the use of hardscaping.

Softscapes refer to the traditional landscape aspects of outdoor design, and have to do with soft living things like trees, grass, shrubs. Balancing good hardscape with softscape techniques makes our backyards stand out and offers more fun and things to enjoy for the kids, friends, and visitors.

Hardscaping also improves the functionality of the spaces in the immediate vicinity of our homes while being healthy and environment-friendly. For example, having hardscapes like paved walkways and stone paths allows us to keep off the grass. It also lessens soil erosion, and prevents the forming of muddy puddles that can become breeding grounds for insects.

Indeed, our backyards will not be as stylish and functional without modern hardscaping. And more and more people are seeing how these installations soothe the mind and add a personalized touch of culture to our immediate surroundings.


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David Montoya is the president and owner of StoneMakers, a renowned hardscape specialist that offers profitable products and unique systems through its customizable outdoor designs and installations. For more on StoneMakers and hardscaping, visit this website.

Ease Of Installation: Enjoying Your Yard Sooner With Artificial Stone

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Artificial stone is taking the country by storm because of America’s increasing number of yard owners who are attesting to its advantages that all contribute to making it easy to install.

Unlike real stone, manufactured stone comes off the assembly line. With a consistent mold that these faux stone products come from, each manufactured piece is identical to the rest. This makes it much faster to put together in the construction of a wall, for instance.

Manufactured stone makes use of a material whose ingredients have been selected by discerning hands. One of the top considerations that manufacturers look at is its weight. They require stones to be transported in bulk, and so making use of lighter materials is better for business. This way, artificial stone is lighter compared to its natural counterpart.

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Thanks to the relatively high volume of production, artificial stone is also very replaceable. As some DIY homeowners have discovered, accidents happen during installation. It’s not uncommon to break a piece or two in the process. With natural stone, it might be necessary to wait for the next batch of deliveries to arrive before one has to enjoy his yard.

There’s no argument that natural stone has its own appeal. However, the same can be said about artificial stone. With its easy installation, people are quite convinced that it is the practical choice in yard design.

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Upselling Your Service: Hardscaping Tips for Contractors

There’s a certain excitement brewing in the home building scene, and this new dimension to the business leaves a lot of American contractors smiling from ear to ear.

Landscaping used to be the farthest extent to which a home can be improved visually. Not to take anything away from the successful craft that it has been for ages, but hardscaping is the freshest addition to interior and exterior design, and it complements landscaping quite well.

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Homes and offices can now easily enjoy designs made with artificial stone, a material proving to be as durable as it is beautiful. Thanks to advancements in engineering, naturally harvested raw stone can now be developed to withstand the challenges of the seasons of the year, without losing its natural appeal. Artificial stone also has the ability to deter natural pests like molds, moss, and insects.

This material is very easy to produce, and so it is the perfect opportunity for contractors to make their designs for their many customers so much better than ordinary. Current estimates have pegged a 15 to 20 per cent value increase in a home that is designed tastefully with hardscaping.

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This immaculate material, coupled with the artistic design in contractor companies, can make for good business, leaving end-users very satisfied with the homes they so love.

Under the leadership of David Montoya, StoneMakers has become a top choice for hardscaping products. For the latest in hardscaping visit this website.

Why Add Water Features To a Beautiful Landscape?

Water is soothing to the soul. Installing a manmade pond, waterfall, or vase outdoors is something a lot of homeowners do not consider, but it is a great investment for the home. Here are reasons water features can help upgrade a simple, humble home.

Water features help calm the nerves: Staring at a water feature can help alleviate one’s stressful mood. Its gentle sounds can help block street noises, and its visuals can help people unwind and appreciate nature.

Long exposure of a backyard waterfall and pond surrounded by green foliage.

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It helps make spaces look bigger: Water can make spaces look bigger. A feature or a fountain with dark walls and underwater lighting gives off an illusion of larger space.

It increases the home’s value: For those who are into buying and selling residential homes, adding water features to a landscape can increase the home’s value. Not only is it easy to the eye, but it can also help sellers earn more, too.

It attracts birds and other wildlife: For those who love animals, adding water feature will attract birds, frogs, and other wildlife into their yard. Animals are always in search for a source of water. Adding kois and other small water animals can also make the place more wildlife-friendly.


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It controls the yard’s temperature and improves air quality: Having running water outdoors will keep a summer day cool. Features with crystal clear water help control the home’s outdoor temperature. Running water also releases negative ions that help improve the quality of the air in the space.

David Montoya is the president and owner of StoneMakers, an award-winning company that provides homes with beautiful hardscape installations. Learn more about David and his company by visiting this website.

The Wonderful World Of Hardscaping

When people see a hard decoration built into a landscape, what they are looking at is called a hardscape. Driveways, concrete, brick or cobblestone walkways, walls, stairs, waterfalls, and other structures made of stone, wood, concrete, and other hard materials fall under such category.

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Incredibly big structures like entire roads, giant fountains, and swimming pools can all be considered as hardscapes. A majority of fixtures with water are hardscapes since they need something hard to hold the water. Hardscaping also allows people to successfully construct structures that would otherwise fail because of soil erosion, human use, or high traffic (either of walking people or vehicles).

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Hardscape companies know that they need to create drainage systems for their own structures. Drainage systems are a very important part in hardscaping since water poses risk on these structures. Water can lead to floods, washouts, mud flows, faster erosion, sinkholes, and rotting of wood, among others.

World-famous hardscape builders are experts at designing and constructing walls, waterfall and fountain systems, even slides for swimming pools, veneers and other structures that make houses and establishments look more extravagant. But the best in the business know how to lower costs for their customers, and find new and creative ways to create hardscape structures.

David Montoya is the president of StoneMakers, one such hardscaping company. Learn more about the company’s hardscaping portfolio by visiting this website.